Philosophy Of Yoga To Inspire You To Practice More

Philosophy Of Yoga
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In this article, we will try to understand the philosophy of Yoga. Why it matters? and why one should consider including Yoga in his or her daily life.

So let’s start ……..

Off all the things in the world. Of all the things that a human being can do Why Yoga?

Philosophy Of Yoga
Philosophy Of Yoga

Everything that human beings can do essentially is an expression of who they are. Somebody sings songs somebody dances somebody writes a book somebody paints a picture. Whatever else we do is an expression of who you are. You may be conscious of it you may be unconscious of it. But still, everything that you do everything that comes out of you is essentially an expression of who you are.

So yoga in that way is opposite to this. Because it’s not an expression of who you are it’s about determining who you are. It’s about determining what you want to be. Changing the very fundamentals of one’s existence.

Today there is substantial medical and scientific evidence to show that the very fundamentals of the activity of your brain your chemistry even your genetics can be changed by practicing different systems of yoga.

Yoga Philosophy
Determining The Nature Of Who You Are

So this is not an expression of who you are. This is about determining the nature of who you wish to be. Changing the fundamental ingredients which made you who you are.

Yoga as a system need much more involvement than any other things that we do.

The purpose of Yoga is to determine the nature of who we are. It is a method through which you can transform yourself.

Yoga increases the flexibility of the body. But it is not that part that one should focus on. Flexibility should come into every aspect of your life. Your physical structure, your physiological structure, your emotional structure, and your karmic structure everything should become flexible. You can be whatever you are required to be. Not a certain way or a certain type.

Breaking The Limitation
Breaking The Limitation

Yoga as a method focuses on breaking the limitations of an individual’s personality. To evolve from being a person to a presence. If you are a person that means you have formed a shell around yourself. Now you can operate only under the limitations of that shell. If you break this shell you will no more be a person but simply a presence.

Yoga is the process of making that shell thinner and thinner day by day so that with consistent practice you eventually become a presence.

Everything in the universe is moving in a cycle. The more you identify with your self you also become more cyclical. If you watch carefully even the situations that come in your life are in cycles.

So on one level, yoga means to break the cycle of life. Which means if you are going in circles you will not reach anywhere. On the other hand, if you convert that circle into a straight line and follow that line you will reach somewhere.

Philosophy Of Yoga
Philosophy Of Yoga

Yoga means to liberate yourself from the past. And living to your full potential in the present moment.

You are living your today on the basis of your likes and dislikes of yesterday. Yoga is a way to consciously deciding to live in the present moment. So yoga means breaking the cycle of living in the past.

This whole universe is governed by principles. There are laws that govern everything. So we need to understand how to move well, we need to know how to eat well and lastly, we need to know how to think well.

Yoga helps you understand who you really are. The mind is so important it can either liberate you or bind you. The philosophy of yoga is to put things under perspective. It is to help us become the master of our destiny instead of being a slave to our destiny.

yoga philosophy
Yoga Philosophy

2 Types Of Knowledge

There are 2 types of knowledge.

First: It is the knowledge of the body. It is cultural, this knowledge changes with the climate, culture or geographic position. You can do certain things in some culture while in other you can not do the same things. For example, in some countries, you have to wear certain clothing and in other countries, you can wear whatever you want. These are the rules of the body or the world around you. The physical aspect of Yoga comes under this type of knowledge.

Second: The second type of knowledge is to do with your inner machinery. The inner nature of the soul, intellect or mind.

“By knowing Him, One can cross it. There is no other way”

One that has to do the knowing is the individual.

Which has to be crossed is the world we live in.

That which has to know is the supreme soul. That which upholds our individual souls.

Many people think philosophy spiritual knowledge what is the use of it. I’m so busy looking after my family going to work paying the bills and just trying my best to stay above the water. What is the use of this knowledge and how it can hit me in my life? Even if this is important I will look into it later. Because I have more important things to do than learning about this knowledge.

On the other hand the learned people or the saints the sadhus say. This knowledge is about you. This is your knowledge. It belongs to you and it is for you. You should use this knowledge for your benefits and improve your life and the lives of the people around you. This knowledge is not something that you can learn later when you have free time. This knowledge is to be learned now and put it into the application so that you could see the results generating from applying this knowledge in your day to day life.

Learning about this knowledge can easily simplify your complex day to day thought processes, your emotions and how you feel, see and experience the world around you.

By thinking you can get yourself into more serious troubles than by just facing your fears in the present moment.

Still the movements of the mind.
Still the movements of the mind.

Yoga is to still the movements of the mind. So what happens when you make your mind quiet. All the mental construction in your mind will dissolve. Only after dissolving all that there is in your mind you could see and experience the true nature of your own self.

Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind. So the whole goal of practicing yoga is to have a mind that not fluctuating or at least less fluctuating. Yoga is all about realizing your full potential.

To achieve this one needs to do a lot of practice. That is why Yoga is called a practice. We get this amazing opportunity to practice the yoga poses over and over and in doing so we create much more ease in our bodies and ease in our mind. And as the mind quiets down we don’t overreact to stuff that happens to us in our lives.

Yoga is an action. You have to participate. You have to be actively involved. What you put into it is what you are going to get out of it.

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