What style of yoga is best for beginners?

Styles of yoga for beginners
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People do yoga for there physical,mental and spiritual needs. It is a bit difficult for a beginner to choose a style of yoga that fulfills his or her requirements.

As you might have know by now that there are more than a dozen types or styles of yoga to choose from. and there are more than 300 yoga postures or asanas practiced in these different styles of yoga.

In this article we are going to give you a brief introduction about yoga. We will also explain What style of yoga is best for beginners.

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OK let’s start ……..

What style of yoga is best for beginners.
What style of yoga is best for beginners.

Introduction to Yoga

Yoga is much much more than the jaw-dropping poses that we may see on social media. Yoga in its core has always been a transforming force within the person practicing it.

It gives you the opportunity to reconnect with the universe, reconnect with reality. It was created to help us come to terms with our inner peace and to achieve that state of blissfulness.

Yoga has been practiced for roughly 5000 years but it could be much older than this. The word YOGA literally means ‘unity’. It is a way to achieve a combined physical and mental awareness within ourselves.

Yoga is not just a workout. It is not only training our bodies or holding a certain posture for an extended period. It also includes training our minds. By training both our body & mind yoga helps us live peacefully and perform to the best of our abilities.

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What style of yoga is best for beginners?

There are more than a dozen styles of Yoga. For a beginner, at times it becomes difficult and confusing to select a certain style of yoga. We have prepared a list of the 7 most beginner-friendly styles of yoga.

Depending on your need you could choose any one of them and as you progress gradually you could go for the more difficult styles to match your fitness levels.

1- Restorative Yoga

It is a very relaxing and grounded style of yoga. A complete beginner can do a restorative style of yoga because you do not have to use your muscles. Most of the time you will be using props. And as you progress you can leave the props and start doing the stretches without them.

The postures or asanas in this style of yoga is not very hard or challenging. You hold postures in this style of yoga from 15 seconds to 10 minutes. Because it takes a while for your body muscles to relax.

Restorative yoga can be really good for recovery, healing, anxiety, or just to help you relax. This style or form of yoga is a very good way to get a deep stretch.

It can help you achieve deeper state of relaxation in your body and mind.

It is a very ‘Yin like’ style of yoga where the practitioner slows or cools down the body. Sometimes people confuse themselves between Restorative and Yin Yoga.

Restorative Yoga is a very soft style of yoga in which you are allowed to use many props. On the other hand Yin yoga can be quiet challenging. But both types are restorative in nature.

2- Yin Yoga

Yin yoga targets the connective tissues, including our fascia, ligaments, joints, cartilage , and bones. This makes Yin Yoga a great complement to more vigorous practice like Vinyasa Yoga.

You can expect Yin classes to be slow-paces and long hold.

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What is Yin Yoga
What is Yin Yoga?

3- Hatha Yoga

Hatha is a Sanskrit word which breaks down into ‘Ha’ and ‘Tha’. ‘Ha’ in Sanskrit means sun and ‘Tha’ in Sanskrit means moon. The aim of Hatha Yoga is to balance the Sun qualities like energy, vibrance and Moon qualities like calmness,peace in our body.

In other words, Hatha Yoga is the process of balancing the energizing and restorative qualities in our bodies.

In this style of yoga, you will be sitting and be holding a posture for maybe 20 seconds and then on to the next posture which you will be holing for 60 seconds. Hatha yoga is really good for beginners. Because it is a wonderful way to get used to the postures or poses. Your body can get used to the asanas or poses. Without any of that quick flowing that might be confusing for beginners.

It is another great way to just stretch. You can use Hatha Yoga to stretch muscles in your neck or legs. It focuses on integrating breath into each pose in order to find ease and stability.

You can expect to practice less poses, and to stay in those poses a bit longer.

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What is Hatha Yoga
What is Hatha Yoga?

4- Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa in Sanskrit means “to place in a special way’. In Vinyasa we place the breath in a special way. When you flow in Vinyasa, you flow like One Breath, One Movement. It might be a little difficult for beginners but the more you do it the more easier it gets.

Gradually you get stronger and starts to develop that muscle & body awareness.

Vinyasa Yoga can also be defined as a systematic approach to move from one posture to another using the breath. A Vinyasa flow is to link breath to body movement.

It could also be a way to develop that meditative state of mind an spirit through movement. It will appeal to people who are used to a lot of movement.

If you love to move you will most definitely love this style of Yoga.

5- Power Yoga

Power Yoga is actually Power Vinyasa. It is more athletic based. You are going to build a lot of strength using this style of yoga.

Power is also a Vinyasa practice because it also have a lot of flowing. The difference is that you will holding your postures for longer period which develop heat in your body.

It is for someone who just really wants to go big on their workout. They are interested in strengthening their body.

6- Kuldalini Yoga

If you are more interested in the energetic or spiritual side of yoga. Kuldalini yoga is for you. The goal of Kudalini yoga is to harness the creative energy inside you and move it up through your spine.

Meditation is a way for nourishing and blossoming the divinity within you.
Meditation is a way for nourishing and blossoming the divinity within you.

Different meditation and breathing techniques are used to achieve this goal. your physical fitness is not a prerequisite in this style of yoga. Kundalini yoga can be a practical tool for everyday life.

7- Iyengar Yoga

If you are recovering from an injury this might be the style of yoga that you should choose to practice. Be prepared to digest a lot of information as this form of yoga is heavily focused on the details of each posture with the help of props.

This form of yoga can be a good choice for people who are more interested in knowing all the details of each posture and want to hold every pose in perfection.

Do let us know in the comments below what style of yoga do you like to practice more as a beginner.